Over 100 members, consisting of property management professionals, operations managers, facility manager, supervisors, suppliers, service providers and building operators that manage and operate premier real estate in the Greater Toronto Area.

TBMOA provides two membership types:  Member and Associate Member.

Members – Operations Managers, Facility Managers, Property Managers, Supervisors and Operations Personnel

Associate Members – Suppliers and Service Providers

Our membership had an astounding growth of 39% from 2014 to 2015.  This is definitely one of the fastest growing associations in the Real Estate Industry.  Please join and be a part of the movement to shape the future of building operations.

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“As the Vice President and the leader of the Membership Development Team for TBMOA, I encourage other building managers and building operation professionals to join our association and be instrumental in shaping the future of the Real Estate industry.  Here is my challenge to all our members:  Build Your Network.  Manage Your Career.  Mentor Your Peers.  Save the Environment.  Stay Ahead of the Curve.  I am making a promise to all of you that I will take on the same challenge, will continue to push the envelope knowing that we will make a difference and together we will build a better future.”   Allan Aquino

Please note this sign-up form is strictly for members. For Associate Member (Contractors) applications, please email info@tbmoa.org, and you will be added to our waiting list for associates.

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