We have amazing networking events such as Annual Advertisers’ Night, Annual Golf Tournament, Building Tours and Monthly Meetings. These events are geared to grow your network. It allows you to interact with other professionals that speak your technical language, exchange relevant information and develop contacts to further your career.

Our Advertisers’ Night is held early in the year. Our Members and Advertisers look forward to this special night every year. This well attended event is remembered as an exciting and entertaining night.

Our Golf Tournament is sold out every year! This allows our Members to connect with fellow Members, Service Providers and Guests. This is a whole day of fun for new and old friends. It allows everyone to show off their skills on the green….

We typically have 2 Building Tours a year. Our members love attending these tours. It enables them to learn from other professionals that operate buildings and service providers.
Our Monthly Meetings include networking, dinner, expert speakers, updates from the President, welcoming new members and exchanging ideas.